Want a better crew? Learn to skipper your crew from the Captain of entrepreneurship.

Passionate Adventurers, 
Empathetic Leaders

Getting burned by training employees, only to watch them walk out the door? Teaching people to become your competition?  

Or worse, trouble getting your team to engage and accept direction at all?  

You’re not alone.  

Today’s business environment serves up the perfect storm of VUCA--volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Yet it’s possible to deal with this uncertainty, calmly, if you’re open to learning new skills.  

Conflict, burnout... The Great Resignation. Stress affects employees and leaders differently. Primarily, as a leader, you can’t quit! You must forge ahead and get your team aligned, too. Others are depending on you, so lets make sure you have what it takes to show up fully.  

Today, you need a dynamic, emotionally intelligent skill set to shape your crew and navigate challenges, effectively. I offer a full-spectrum of leadership programs designed to get your team on board, keep them on board, and move your company forward. 


Reap the benefits of years of experience, the vital lessons of entrepreneurship told through sailing stories.

WAYPOINT: A set of coordinates (typically via satellite latitude and longitude used to guide the explorer through unfamiliar areas and/or when instrument navigation is to be relied on more than the use of human senses.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The embarkation on and travel through the adventure of business with the intention of following ones dreams while simultaneously shouldering the risk and harvesting the rewards of ones efforts.


The compelling dramatic stories of a sailor and entrepreneur navigating adversity and learning to thrive. Follow along as Captain Erik sails across the oceans, rebuilds a failed business from zero and triumphs over adversity. Come aboard and share the adventure!

Hi, I'm Erik. I've been there. Fortunately, building and rebuilding successful businesses and returning to the water after a major crash brought me to know my true self and helped me become a stronger team leader.  

Vulnerability is definitely a key to joy. I'm here to tell you the process of learning never stops and the biggest tragedy is not taking the chance in the first place.

Erik Holmberg Homepage
Erik Holmberg Homepage

If you’ve hit the same barriers over and over again, wondering why they keep showing up, my mission is to empower you to be the leader your team needs you to be. You've already got all it takes-- you just need a few specific skills. 

Tap into your full depth of strength with experiential learning. Let's find your next horizon, together.

Let's dive in, shall we?

Discover your unique path forward:

Individual Self-Guided Instruction:

Playbook for Real Sustainability

Let nothing or no one stop you. For motivated, hungry leaders, who’re not satisfied with the status quo. When someone says “You can’t…” you show them exactly how you can.

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Team Building Coaching:

Get the Skills to Attract and Retain Key Talent

Get ready to shine light on your blind spots. For team leaders looking to gain traction and alignment. You’re tired of banging up against the same setbacks and the challenges including high turnover.

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Sailboat Coaching:

Anchors, away, adventurers! Invest in your business by creating the team-building experience of a lifetime—an in-person live sailing and coaching experience! Department managers, franchise owners, directors, and entrepreneurs… Bring your entire team to make a profound, lasting impact. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You know this is worth it.

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The Book:

10 Lessons for Entrepreneurship

Thirsting for adventure? An escape from daily life? Read about my journey around the world, gleaning lessons to bring back home to my life, family, and business.

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Inspiration and insight to improve your leadership and navigate team dynamics.

The 3 secrets to business profit building

Should I be part of a Mastermind Group and what are they all about?

Facing the scary stuff


I created this workbook specifically for team leaders who are struggling with engagement and alignment and want a stronger culture around them to thrive in a changing world.