Deftly sail uncharted territory…

Hey, buddy. Ready to reconcile your potential, and that of your team, with where you are today?

Regardless of your current coordinates, I help leaders like you manage your crew to hoist the sail on your dreams.

There’s no time to waste. The world needs your skills, expertise, and — most importantly — your vision. 

You’ve got the acumen and the equipment, but as you know, guidance from someone who’s been there is priceless.

It’s time to invest in yourself and renew the sense of adventure and accomplishment that challenged you at the outset of your career.

If you’re feeling a familiar tingle of excitement about the prospects and possibilities, you’re in the right spot. 

I know what it's like to embark on your dream, bring it to fruition and then see it all start to crumble. 

I painstakingly built a company from the ground up. I sold it to sail around much of the world, only to run aground and see my business fail without me. So I returned home -- emotionally and financially wrecked-- and built an all-new, thriving second company from scratch. Again.  

This time, I knew my strengths and my blind spots and built a stronger team around me as a result. 

So, if you learn one thing from this site, let it be this:

It’s okay to fail. You can reframe. Rebuild. Find renewed strength in the wisdom you’ve earned. 

Obviously, these experiences led me to coach entrepreneurs and leaders to navigate potential pitfalls — before they happen. 

Through trial and error, I learned the lessons of business pitfalls. Now it is my deep pleasure to help others navigate the storms of life and business.  

My primary goals: Saving you unnecessary pain. And helping you feel and heal any past pain, fears, and emotions holding you back.  

These days it takes more than grit to make a successful business. It takes a conscious, empathetic approach to leadership. 


It all comes down to belief. I’ve seen time and again how my own beliefs shape my outcomes… and those of my entire team.

My unique sailing know-how and tailored coaching tools can help entrepreneurs and leaders just like you address common problems and recalibrate your course.

And, I promise, it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime.

Together we’ll create the context for a life you’ve only imagined until now.

If it’s formal credentials you’re looking for, here’s how I earned my sea legs. I started SCUBA diving in 1989, earning an open water certification and my BSA Eagle Scout award that same year. (What a year!)  

I completed the PADI Rescue Diver certification in Hawaii the summer of 1993. After that, I earned a hard-won PADI Divemaster and Instructor certification in Seattle, making over 80 dives in 45 degree water — brrr!!!

While working as a SCUBA instructor (aka dive bum) from 1998-2002 in St. Croix, I earned a Master 50 ton captain’s license in 2000. I lived on a sailboat in 1998 to learn the skills I needed, eventually sailing throughout the Caribbean summer of 2002, from the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) to Trinidad.

I started working in the electrical trade in December of 1999 (at first, to electrically repower my 35’ boat I was living on), earning my JW (journeyman electrician) in 2006. I became licensed as a Master Electrician in May 2008 and formed my first company at that time.

As the leader of an electrical crew, I worked nonstop at my company until I eventually reached a point of total, utter exhaustion and burnout. That’s when I began investing in personal and professional development, eventually becoming a coach.


Certified coach, Newfield Network, 2018.

Enneagram, level one training, summer 2019.

Enneagram, level two training, fall 2019.

So, guess what? It turns out I’m a classic Enneagram 4: emotionally expressive, revealing, banking on my beliefs in myself.  

Fortunately I’ve done the work to reel in the darker tendencies associated with Enneagram 4s (Think: Vincent Van Gogh, Kurt Cobain). Yes, I feel deeply, but I also learned to process those deep emotions. I now harness those experiences to teach others at the brink of burnout to lead with confidence and verve. 

I live in Longmont, Colorado with my wife Sherrie, kids, and a 50lb Wheaten Terrier. I enjoy local snowboarding in the winter, reservoir water sports in the summer, and heading to my next coastal destination to lead sailboat coaching adventures.


  • You are a self-made entrepreneur who’s ready for course-correction but unsure of the exact path to take or tools to get there.
  • You want to go deeper into emotional territory than most business coaching programs venture. 
  • You’re motivated and ready to do the work. 
  • You just freaking love the outdoors, sailing, or the idea of learning to sail while discovering more about yourself.


  • Are more committed to playing small than to bringing your vision to life.
  • Can’t make the time to meet regularly, write a business plan, or do the assignments I give you.
  • Are incapable or uninterested in developing the emotional intelligence to build solid teams and relationships.
  • Think that I’m going to tell you exactly what to do rather than elicit the best of you. YOU are the captain of your own life. 





“Under the excellent guidance of Erik’s talks, I was able to acknowledge a few things about myself and my life up to now. He was able to draw my attention to things I had been doing for so long I didn’t even realize I needed to change.  The informality of the talks was what I loved. I would highly recommend several sessions with Erik.”