to improve your leadership skills and team dynamics.

Individual Self-Guided Instruction:

Playbook for Real Sustainability

Let nothing or no one stop you. For motivated, hungry leaders, who’re not satisfied with the status quo. When someone says “You can’t…” you show them exactly how you can.


Team Building Coaching:

Get the Skills to Attract and Retain Key Talent

Get ready to shine light on your blind spots. For team leaders looking to gain traction and alignment. You’re tired of banging up against the same setbacks and the challenges including high turnover.


Sailboat Coaching:

Anchors, away, adventurers! Invest in your business by creating the team-building experience of a lifetime—an in-person live sailing and coaching experience! Department managers, franchise owners, directors, and entrepreneurs… Bring your entire team to make a profound, lasting impact. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You know this is worth it.



“I have had the good fortune to work with Erik Holmberg for many years. Recently, I engaged Erik to act as a coach. It was important to me to be working with someone I could trust with the challenges and issues I was addressing, someone who had a level of refinement and intelligence that enabled them to sensitively engage with my personal assumptions, and someone who was so genuinely interested in my process that I could hear them listening to me through their appreciative inquiry. Erik wholeheartedly fulfilled all three of these requirements. I highly recommend Erik to anyone who desires to expand into new territories.”