Processes and Working ON Your Business

Oct 15, 2021
Processes and Working ON Your Business

“But I don’t have time for that!”

Tell me if this sounds familiar- you are so busy with your business that you are not able to make the money you need/want or scale it.  You have all this knowledge in your head that if only you could transfer it to someone else you could do the things you are best at and what the business truly needs you to do.

Your head keeps you trapped working IN your business when your gut tells you that working ON your business always has a higher value.

If you resonate with any of this, read on. 

Your business will serve you if you properly serve your business in your intended capacity. 

But, how do you know what your business needs from you?

Answer- map your processes and it will all be revealed to you.

Yes, it may seem tedious at first to write out what you do and HOW you do it on a daily basis.  However, the things that are second nature to you are important details that can be used to train someone to do what you do!  Why is this important? Without this knowledge, there can be little traction towards scaling your business other than “don’t do this, but do that,” which honestly drives team members crazy because there is no specific path communicated to them.  Ask yourself what the tasks are within the roles of your company and chunk it down into time blocks.

With this knowledge you can start to develop a training manual so that you can properly hire for fit and teach the skills that are needed.  One common consequence of this is to offload remedial tasks that you do to free up your time to take the business to another level.  If you want to get out of the center of your business and the work still needs to be done, the best way to do this is to replace yourself.

By having a laser focus on your processes, you can develop a step by step technique that can also be a basis for performance evaluation for your team.  Now that you know what your team needs to be doing, you can now develop a metric for how they are doing it.

Once your process mapping is complete, you can see what the more technical skills might be that perhaps you are not ready to outsource yet as well as the low skill areas that you are ready to let go of.  Now with this extra space, you might even start getting excited about new possibilities and horizons to embrace.

So go ahead, get down into the details and get ready for your business to take off!